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To achieve the vision, the Rajvidya foundation will impart value education to the young minds of today helping them to discover their God given potential. Bhagavad Gita has been recognized as one of the world’s topmost literatures by all the leading personalities of the world. So, we will base our teachings as per the principles enshrined in this sacred literature. This book has played a very vital role in transforming the lives of millions of people since ages. Albert Einstein, Newton, Mahatma Gandhi and many other luminaries have extolled its glories. Bhagavad Gita’s pearl of wisdom will nourish the intelligence of the students and give them inner strength to face the challenging situations of the life courageously and gracefully. It will also enrich their knowledge about God and their relationship with God and this world. We at Rajvidya aim to nurture the younger generation in such a way that it develops their overall personality and they become the torchbearers of tomorrow. Our main emphasis would be to help student to:
1. Lead a principle centred life based on teachings of Bhgavad Gita
2.Develop an inquisite mind and desire to lead a virtuous life
3. Have a sense of integrity, ethics and uncompromising honesty
4. Develop leadership qualities with sense of team work and fair play
5. Have deep respect and concern for elders, women and people in general
6. Understand and appreciate India’s rich culture and tradition
“Education is not about memorization. Education is about transformation, to bring out what is within them. If children are happy and love to learn and in their learning actually gain experience that give them positive transformations that will remain with them, they will be stable, productive and have integrity.”

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