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The annual function of Raj Vidya Foundation, Priti Vardhanam… Enhancing Relationships was

celebrated Sunday, 4th October, 2015 at Kala Kunj. The function aimed to felicitate and honour the

principals of schools which participated in Raj Vidya Value Education Quiz Contest, 2014-15,

participants of the contest, the well-wishers and all volunteers of Raj Vidya Foundation. It is these

relationships that distinguish the living entities from non-living entities.

The special dignitaries included Sri V. N. Murli, Deputy Commissioner for Kendriya Vidyalas, Mr.

Kejriwal, Industrialist and Educationalist, Sri Dayaram Das, President, ISKCON Kolkata and Sri Adidev

Giridhari Das, Managing Director, Harmonix Global Foundation. Prof. Kachan Chodhury, Prof. G. V.

Subramaniam and Prof. Pawan Goyal, who are members of the advisory board of Raj Vidya were also

present during the function. Spiritual Memtors, HG Ekalavya Das, HG Sankirtan Anand Das and HG

Mahadham Vrindavan Das, of Raj Vidya also graced the function.

The function started by invoking the presence of the Divine Lords, when Mr. Murli garlanded a

beautiful picture of The Divine Couple, Sri Sri Radha-Krishna. This was followed by an interesting

shadow-show presentation by Wealthy Hearts. The group consists of members from different walks

of life- simple homemakers to students pursuing P.hd. to children studying in schools. They

showcased the contemporary application of the timeless principles from Bhagavad-gita. After the

show, all the well-wishers were honoured by Sri Dayaram Das and Prof. G. V. Subramaniam. Both of

them addressed the well-wishers and thanked them for their invaluable support to the project.

This was followed by a presentation by Sri Adidev Giridhari Das, in which he explained the various

value education activities that he is conducting in Bangalore. He discussed importance of teaching

values at the school level, so that students can imbibe them as principles for life. Then, Prof.

Choudhury and Prof. Goyal felicitated all the participating schools. M. C. Kejriwal Vidyapeeth was

awarded with a cash price of Rs. Ten Thousand for highest number of participation in Raj Vidya Value

Education Quiz Contest, 2014-15. Mr. Kejriwal graciously gave back cash price to Raj Vidya

Foundation as a donation to expand its activities.

Finally, there was a musical performance by the Bhaktivedanta Band, led by Sri Ekalavya Das. The

song, “Values have value, Values have worth” composed by the band was appreciated by one and all

and left an everlasting impression in the minds of audience. The function concluded with vote of

thanks by Prof. Pawan Goyal.

The function was a grand success with a 200+ audience. At the end, everyone was felt more

committed and urgent need to inculcate moral values and timeless principles, amongst the future


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