Our Faculties

It is said that “most of the things are caught than taught”.

So, education of a student in values would be impossible by a person who does not himself practice those Values. But, our faculty members themselves strongly believe in practicing these virtues in their lives. Each one is recruited only after their commitment to following four regulative principles in their lives up to refraining from Meat eating, Intoxications such as cigarettes / Alcohols, Illicit Sex and Gambling.

These practices visibly reflect in their behavior, attitude, and  conviction in which they deliver the lessons. It makes it easier for the student to grasp what they are being taught, when the living examples are in front of them. Apart from this they are all well qualified in their educational background.

Our Faculties are:

  1. Aditya Kumar (B Tech & M Tech IIT Kharagpur)
  2. Amit Kumar Behera (B Tech & M Tech IIT Kharagpur)
  3. Birendra Kumar( M tech , BESU)
  4. Satyadarshi Nanda (B.Tech IIT Kharagpur, M.Tech IIT Kharagpur )
  5. Sayak Basu (B Sc. Economics Statistic, Calcutta University)
  6. Shivshakar Upadhyay (B.Tech IIT Kharagpur)