Spiritual Mentors

  1. Sri Ekalavya Das

HG Eklavya Das was born and bought up in New York City, USA and received his degree from Berklee College of Music in Recording Engineering and Production. Travelling around the world, he is a prolific speaker and enthrals the audience while performing concerts with his the Bhaktivedanta Band.

Sri Sankirtan Anand Das

HG Sankirtan Anand Das is a B.tech in Electronics and Telecommunications from Government College of Engineering, Pune. He was introduced to spirituality during his college days. Seeing the lack of educated spiritualists, he dedicated his life to help the society understand the deeper meaning of life and hence, lead a principle-centred meaningful life. Over the years, he has counselled hundreds of families, entrepreneurs, teachers and students to live a value based life.

  1. Sri Mahadham Vrindavan Das

HG Mahadham Vrindavan Das is a science graduate from the prestigious Calcutta University. After completing his education, he felt great desire to serve the society in a positive way and hence dedicated his life to spirituality. Ever-vibrant, he gives spiritual direction to the lives of hundreds of college students of Kolkata.