Value Education Course

Modern education has done wonders in educating the future global citizens in the academic, technical, economic and political fields. The recent inventions in the field of science, the phenomenal growth of the business world, the ever expanding economic prosperity and many more things are testimony of the modern education system in  guiding them for utilizing their skills. In spite of all the progress, today’s educated and ambitious youth, especially the teenagers, is facing a major challenge. The lack of internal satisfaction, sustained happiness and satisfying relationships (with parents, friends, teachers, etc.) are leading to ego problems, stress, depression and eventually taking up to bad habits like smoking, drinking, drugs and even committing suicide.

In order to provide a holistic approach in assisting students imbibe the necessary moral values, Raj Vidya Foundation has come up with Raj Vidya Value Education Course. This course will help the students learn the time-tested principles in a practical way for contemporary application in their everyday life. Academic knowledge nourishes the head and value-based education nourishes the heart. The academic knowledge that one receives in school can be compared to a beautiful bungalow while value education is the foundation on which this house should be built.  If the foundation is strong and sturdy, the house will stand well and for long time to come.

These serious issues faced by the educated and economically flourishing future citizens convince the leaders and intelligent class of society that “SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY MISSING” in the Modern Education system. The missing link is the comprehensive approach needed for the overall development of students. The art of balancing character and competence is necessary for the students to be better equipped to face the challenges of the dynamic world today. The course emphasizes on the need of embracing values that can guide the students to become successful individuals without compromising on character, at various stages in their personal and professional lives.


 Course Details:


  • Contact hour per year: 20 hr(30 sessions)


NEED OF VALUES IN LIFE Ten Pointer benefits of Values in Life 3
The Concept of IQ, EQ and SQ
The Goal of Human Form of Life
Consequences of an uncontrolled mind
Practical Benefits of Controlled Mind
Contemporary tips to Control the Mind
RESPECT Importance of Showing Respect to others 3
Various forms of showing Respect
Positive outcomes of giving respect
The Cycle of Respect
BEING POLITE Different types of Politeness 3
Importance of Politeness
The Art of Being Polite
SESITIVITY TOWARDS ENVIRONMENT Developing Sensitive attitude towards the Environment 3
Benefits of Living in Harmony with Nature
The Universal Government and its’ laws
DETERMINATION Importance of Determination in every field of life 3
Three Aspects- Patience, Perseverance and Faith
Factors that boosts and destroys Determination
FRIENDSHIP Developing empathy for others 3
Importance of Friends in our Life
Resolving Conflicts in constructive and peaceful way
The Art of making New Friends
DOING YOUR BEST & LEAVING THE REST Ways to identify our goals 3
5 D’s for Quality Work
Practical the ways you can attain our goals
Acknowledging our Limitations
TRUTHFULNESS Defining Truthfulness 3
Different aspects of Speaking Truth
Thirteen forms Truth assumes
Need & consequences of being Truthful
SELF AWARENESS The Science of Soul 3


The Body, Mind & Soul Mechanism
Practical benefits of the Knowledge of Soul

Level 2

  • Contact hour per year: 20 hr(30 sessions)


POWER OF ASSOCIATION Four factors affecting Association- LEAP 3
Choosing the Right Association
Taking and Giving Association
TEAM WORK Importance of cooperatively working in a Team 3
The joy of sharing and striving towards a common goal
Developing positive attitude towards group work
Learning to respect other’s opinion
CLEANLINESS Adopting Good and Clean Habits 3
Defining Cleanliness
Internal and External Cleanliness
Cleanliness of Speech
DISCIPLINE Importance of Discipline in our lives 3
Living a Regulated Life
Efficient and effective Time Management
RESPONSIBILITY Dynamics between Freedom and Responsibility 3
Being Accountable at all times
Respecting and Obeying Laws
INTEGRITY Defining Integrity 3
Importance of integrity in our day-to-day lives
Three Aspects- Sincerity, Seriousness & Motivation
UNITY IN DIVERSITY Fostering respect for Diversified Cultures 3
Developing the spirit of Universal Brotherhood
Love and respect for the country
COMPASSION Understanding Compassion 3
Three Shades of Compassion
Tangent between Compassion and Forgiveness
POWER OF FAITH Faith as foundational principle in life 3
Doubt- the Enemy of Faith
Choosing the object of our Faith


Defining Peace 3


Practical tips for being Peaceful
The Real Peace Formula



It is said that “most of the things are caught than taught”.


So, education of a student in values would be impossible by a person who does not himself practice those Values. But, our faculty members themselves strongly believe in practicing these virtues in their lives. Each one is recruited only after their commitment to following four regulative principles in their lives up to refraining from Meat eating, Intoxications such as cigarettes / Alcohols, Illicit Sex and Gambling.


These practices visibly reflect in their behavior, attitude, and  conviction in which they deliver the lessons. It makes it easier for the student to grasp what they are being taught, when the living examples are in front of them. Apart from this they are all well qualified in their educational background.


Our Faculties are:

  1. Aditya Kumar (B Tech & M Tech IIT Kharagpur)
  2. Amit Kumar Behera (B Tech & M Tech IIT Kharagpur)
  3. Birendra Kumar( M tech , BESU)
  4. Satyadarshi Nanda (B.Tech IIT Kharagpur, M.Tech IIT Kharagpur )
  5. Sayak Basu (B Sc. Economics Statistic, Calcutta University)
  6. Shivshakar Upadhyay (B.Tech IIT Kharagpur)


Salient Features of the course are as follows:

  • Scientifically designed by educationalists from premier institutions of India
  • Academically qualified and professionally successful faculty
  • Contemporary application of eternal values and principles
  • Syllabus to be covered in two-academic years
  • Level I for the students of classes VI, VII & VIII
  • Level II for Level I qualified students
  • Weekly classes of 40 minutes during/after the school hours
  • Combination of theoretical knowledge and practical application
  • Use of videos, skits, slide-shows, games and other activities
  • Personal care and doubt clearing sessions
  • Logical evaluation techniques
  • Valid certificate upon completion of course



Methods of Teaching:


The Class will be an interactive session with   PPT presentation by the teacher. There will also be some activities like role playing, videos, crossword puzzles, quizzes, debates, etc.. It will be more of an experiential learning than just a theoretical class. The Presentation will include short stories, Vedic Slokas, real-life case studies, etc.


Advisory Committee:

  • Prof V N Giri, HoD, Humanities and Social Science Department, IIT KGP
  • Prof Kanchan Chowdhury, HoD Cryogenic Engineering Center, IIT KGP
  • Prof Pawan Goyal, Asst Professor, Computer Science and Engineering Department, IIT KGP
  • Prof GV Subramanian, Director, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Kolkata

Facilities required:

  • Audio-Visual System
  • Classroom type sitting arrangement
  • Classroom size: to accommodate maximum 40 student
  • White/ black board

Course fees: Rs 2100 per student per course

Reference Books: Values of Life (Volume I and II) by Gaurachandra Publications